Power at My Property

Power at My Property

As the electricity distributor for Central Hawke's Bay, we are responsible for the electricity connections to all property types in the area.

It is Centralines' aim to work with you to ensure you have a safe, reliable and cost effective power supply.

Centralines needs to proactively manage its' network to ensure it complies with the regulated voltages to all its' customers. These voltages can be affected by increases in the load requirements of customers, therefore it is critical you inform Centralines if you are planning any changes to the load on your property i.e. irrigation pumps, milking sheds, industrial activity, workshops or subdivisions. Our network specialists and electricians will be happy to discuss your plans with you and give advice as required.

The guide includes information relating to all:

  • New connections
  • Temporary connections (a Builder's Temporary Connection or BTS).
  • Converting a temporary connection (BTS) to permanent supply.
  • Making alterations to your existing power supply, such as upgrades or downgrades based on your changing needs.

If you are interested in getting power to your property click on the link below:

Are you medically dependant on electricity?

In the event of a power outage, activate your back-up plan, or call 111 if you are feeling unwell or have no alternative support plans in place. Please ensure you have registered yourself as medically dependant with your electricity retailer - their contact number can be found on your power bill.

Who owns the electrical assets on my property?

As the distributor of electricity in Central Hawke’s Bay, we own, manage, and maintain all electrical assets located outside the boundaries of private properties. Any electrical assets inside your property boundary, such as power lines and poles, underground cables and power boxes will in most cases be owned by you, the property owner. In these cases, you are responsible for all management and maintenance (and the associated costs) of these assets. For example, if there is a problem or damage to the service line connecting your house to Centralines power lines in the street, in most cases you will be responsible for all costs associated with repairing the line.

At the Board meeting on 24 July 2012 the Directors approved the official use of Unison’s Standards, Policies and procedures. As a result Centralines are working with the Board of Directors and Unison management have agreed on rationalising both company’s policies and procedures to achieve efficiencies for both businesses. This is a continual work in progress to see what policies remain necessary as site specific for Centralines, while making adjustments as required when Unison’s Standards, Policies and procedures are able to be used.

To view the Electrical Line and Equipment Ownership policy click on the link below: