Distributed Generation

Connecting DG equipment of 10kW or less

Most residential installations will fall into this category.

The first step is to ensure your equipment and its installation complies with our Network Connection Standard. Generally, the company providing the equipment will oversee this process, but check with them to be sure.

Congestion may exisit in the network area so to connect distributed generation (DG) equipment of 10 kilowatts or less, contact Centralines to discuss your plans prior to installation.

Export congestion information

Centralines regularly updates information regarding areas of the Network affected by congestion. There are no specific locations or parts of Centralines' low voltage network currently known to be or reasonably expected to become subject to export congestion within the next 12 months. For Unison's (on behalf of Centralines') Congestion Management approach click here.

List of previously approved invertors

If your proposed system's inverter is not already approved by Centralines you will need to apply to connect prior to installing your system. If your inverter is already approved, you can go ahead with your installation and apply to Centralines when you are ready to connect.

Click here for a list of invertors previously approved for connection to Centralines' network.

To apply download and complete our DG1 Form, which you can return to us via email, post or fax.

It is your responsibility as the owner to authorise the application.

The application process requires input from a number of different parties, including:

  • You
  • Your chosen electricity retailer, who you will hold the electricity purchase/sale agreement with, and will provide a two-way meter to enable this process
  • Your chosen electrician, who will help you complete the application form. It pays to obtain a quote and check the cost includes the Livening Agent and Electrical Inspector
  • The provider of your DG equipment, who will supply technical information and support
  • An electrical inspector (arranged by your electrical contractor)
  • Centralines, as the network owner

Once your have completed this form and returned it to us, our Customer Care Team will send a quote to you with information about how to accept the quote and make the payment for the connection.

We will then review and approve the application. If for some reason we are unable to approve your application, we'll get in touch to discuss this with you.

Once your application has been approved it will be passed along to your electrician and electricity retailer, who will work with you to progress your connection.

What will it cost?

Centralines will charge you an application and administration fee to process your application. We may also charge you if we need to inspect your proposed installation as part of the application process.

The following fees for distributed generation of 10 kW or less under Part 1A apply:

Application for administration and connection (GST exclusive) $100
Processing information related to the remedy of a deficiency with the application document (GST exclusive) $80
For an inspection of SSDG, if Centralines requires an inspection (GST exclusive) $60