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Get a Solar / Distributed Generation Connection

Connect your private generation equipment to our electricity network.

Get a solar / distributed generation connection

If you intend to install distributed generation equipment on our network, such as solar or wind generation, you’ll need to apply for a Distributed Generation connection.

We have two types of distributed generation connections, 10 Kilowatts or less, and above 10 Kilowatts.

To get connected, you will need to download and complete one of our DG forms below.

You can return your completed connection form/s online by scanning and attaching them below:

Our upload allows you to upload images (jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp) and documents (pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, ppsx, xls, xlsx). If your file is is a different format please contact us on (06) 858 7770.

Or you can send it to us by post or email:

Post to: Centralines Ltd, PO Box 59, Waipukurau 4200

Email: [email protected]

Connecting distributed generation equipment of 10kW or Less

To connect Distributed Generation equipment of 10 Kilowatts or less, you’ll need to download and complete our DG1 Form, which you can return to us via email, post or fax.

Application for connection of distributed generation 10 kW or less

Connecting distributed generation equipment above 10kW

To connect distributed generation greater than 10 Kilowatts to our network, there are two stages to the process, and both will require you to complete an application – the DG2 Initial application form, and the DG3 - Final application form.

Initial application for connection of distributed generation 10 kW or more

Final application for connection of distributed generation 10 kW or more