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Accidents can occur when home owners do not know where electricity cables have been buried – either on your own property or in the services corridor which sits between your property boundary and the road.

Be aware of what's under the ground, particularly when digging deep holes for fence posts or if you are inserting any spikes or poles into the ground.

Electricity cables may be underground, as may water, gas and sewer lines. If you are not sure exactly where your supply cables are, check with your local council or service provider before you start any excavation work, particularly in the berm outside your property.

Centralines offers a FREE advisory service if you want to know the location of underground cables supplying electricity to the boundary of your property. And remember: if you accidentally uncover any cable, contact Centralines (even if the cable is not damaged) and we'll take a closer look for you. A charge applies for locating privately owned underground cables.

For more information on safety with underground cables read the Occupational Safety & Health and Department of Labour Guide for Safety with Underground Services.

1. Centralines offers a FREE Cable Location Service for cables belonging to Centralines.
2. Electrical cables running underground in the service corridor beside residential roads are owned by Centralines. They are likely to be below the grass verge between your property boundary and the road. In rare situations, there may be some cables within your property that are owned by Centralines. They will have been buried at a safe depth originally but with time and road surface alterations they may be nearer the surface than you might expect.
3. DO NOT plant trees, install signs, or stakes in the verge outside your property if electricity cables

are buried underground – unless you have checked with Centralines for the exact location of the cables.

4. Centralines does not generally locate private service cables. These are the cables inside your boundary and carrying electricity supply to your home. You should seek a specialist electrical service to undertake this work on your behalf.
5. However if you – the property owner - dig up or uncover an underground electrical cable on your property contact Centralines immediately on (06) 858 7770.
6. Remember that damaging underground electrical cables could result in serious injury or even death.
7. Except in the case of an emergency, a minimum of 2 working days notice is required for all Cable Location requests


Phone: (06) 858 7770 during business hours (Monday to Friday)