Your responsibilities

Your responsibilities

Under the regulations you must keep trees on your property a certain distance from network lines.

The Electricity (Hazards From Trees) Regulations 2003 state exactly how close trees can be to power lines before cutting or trimming is required. These measurements, or Zones, are known as the Growth Limit Zone and the Notice Zone.

The Growth Limit Zone is the space around the power line where trees must not encroach even in windy or stormy conditions. The Notice Zone is one metre beyond the Growth Limit Zone (see diagram below).

You must keep your trees and vegetation clear of the Growth Limit Zone around overhead network power lines. The size of the Growth Limit Zone varies depending on the voltage of the power lines. (It's important to note that the Tree Regulations only cover network lines and not your service line).

First cut or trim notice

If Centralines sees a tree on your property within the Growth Limit Zone, we will issue a first cut or trim notice. This notice will advise that you need to trim the tree/vegetation so it sits outside the Growth Limit Zone and when it needs to be done.

the regulations Centralines will provide the first cut or trim for these trees at our cost provided the following conditions apply:

  1. According to Centralines records the trees have not been subject to a previous cut or trim at our cost
  2. The trees do not form a shelterbelt
  3. The trees have not been the subject of a previous agreement

In these circumstances a "First Cut or Trim Notice" will be issued.

Before this work is carried out you will need to complete and sign the first cut or trim notice and return it to Centralines.

Failure to complete, sign and return this notice within seven days may result in you missing out on this first free cut or trim, and you may be charged for any work needed to clear the trees from the power lines.

Please read the back page of the notice as there are several important points about the tree regulations that you need to know.

Ongoing responsibility

Once Centralines has done the first free cut or trim, as the tree owner you are responsible for keeping your trees away from the power lines.

Declaring no interest

If you are an owner or occupier of a property and do not want to be responsible for keeping your trees trimmed in-line with the regulations, you can declare no interest (not applicable to shelterbelts).

To declare no interest, the owner or occupier must complete and submit a No interest Notice to Centralines.

If you have already received a first Cut or Trim notice, you must submit this no later than 10 working days after the date on which you received the notice.

If you need to take No Interest action regarding a tree or trees on your property, you may obtain the No Interest Notice from our office; or request by phoning the Vegetation Management Team at Centralines on 06 858 7770.