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Centralines is a consumer-owned and operated electricity lines business.

Centralines is one of 27 distribution companies in New Zealand. It distributes electricity to customers across the Central Hawke’s Bay region.

The Centralines network has over $81 million worth of assets, is 1,800km in length, and supplies around 9,000 connection points. Centralines is owned by the CHB Consumers Power Trust on behalf of the consumers in Central Hawke’s Bay.

Centralines is responsible for distributing electricity from Transpower’s national grid to electricity consumers.

As the only supplier of network services in our regions, Centralines is regulated by: The Commerce Commission (Commission) under Part 4 of the Commerce Act 1986, and The Electricity Authority (Authority) under the Electricity Industry Act 2010 and other regulations.


"To energise the growth of Central Hawke's Bay by electrical infrastructure."

Central Hawke's Bay Consumers Power Trust

Centralines is wholly owned by CHBCPT

Trust shareholding ensures that the long-term focus of our company is to deliver economic benefits to our customers and community shareholders.

Centralines People.

Our Background.

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    Jaun Park

    Chief Executive

    Jaun is the Chief Executive Officer at Unison Networks which provides management services to Centralines. Centralines is in its fourth five-year contract with the company. Jaun brings a wealth of experience, through his years with Unison, and a great deal of enthusiasm to the role.

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    Fenton Wilson


    Fenton was appointed to the Centralines board in 2018. He was previously a Hawke’s Bay Regional Councillor/Chairman and has a good grasp of the issues and opportunities in Central Hawkes Bay. He is currently a Director of OSPRI New Zealand Limited, which manages National Animal Identification and Tracing and the TBfree program. He is also a director of QRS, the roading business owned by Wairoa District Council.


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Annual Reports

Every year, Centralines publishes an Annual Report.
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Statement of Corporate Intent

Centralines is a primary provider of infrastructure services for the distribution of energy to consumers in the Central Hawke's Bay. The quality and efficiency by which these services are provided has a significant impact on the economic and social wellbeing of these areas.
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Pricing information

Each year, Centralines is required to set tariffs within the Commerce Commission’s ruling on pricing, and publish these tariffs and related methodology.
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