Central Hawke’s Bay’s First EV Fast Charging Station Opens

Friday, 15 July 2016 — Central Hawke’s Bay’s first public electric vehicle (EV) fast charging station opened to the public in Waipukurau this week.

The ‘Charge N’ Go’ station in Russell Street, next to the Civic Theatre, is a joint initiative between the consumer‑owned lines company, Centralines and the Central Hawke’s Bay District Council.

The DC fast charger charges a typical EV battery to 80 percent in around 15-20 minutes compared with AC chargers used at home which take around six to eight hours. 

Centralines Chairman, Jon Nichols said while it was early days for electric vehicles in Central Hawke’s Bay, demand looks set to increase in the years ahead as purchase prices fall and more vehicle models become available.

“With the Government aiming to double EV uptake to reach 64,000 by 2021, falling prices and increasing battery performance, EVs are the way of the future.

“This charging station is about ensuring our customers and those visiting our region have efficient network solutions available to support their energy choices now and in the years ahead,” he said.

The importance of providing infrastructure for electric vehicles was a vision shared by the Central Hawke’s Bay District Council.

Council Chief Executive, John Freeman, said the Council believed electric vehicles would be part of the region’s transport future, and was happy to partner with Centralines to provide a public charging station.

“We see this joint initiative between Council and Centralines as another opportunity for our two locally owned organisations to work together for the residents of Central Hawke’s Bay, and hope locals will look into the benefits of electric vehicles,” said Mr Freeman.

Central Hawke’s Bay Consumer Power Trustee and local EV owner, Tim Gilbertson says he has owned an EV for eight months.

“EVs make sense environmentally, producing 80 percent less CO2 emissions. The sooner more people have EVs, the better. Centralines having a facility like this may encourage more people to purchase their first EV,” says Tim.

The charging station would be free to use until 1 December 2016, and 40c/minute thereafter, so a typical charge for 20 minutes will cost $8.00.

Those interested in learning more about electric vehicles can visit Centralines’ website.

Central Hawke’s Bay Consumer Power Trustee and local EV owner, Tim Gilbertson charges up his vehicle at Centralines’ new ‘Charge N’ Go’ station in Russell Street, Waipukurau. Pictured with Centralines Chairman, Jon Nichols and Central Hawke’s Bay District Council Chief Executive, John Freeman.

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