Central Hawke's Bay Consumers Power Trust Dividend Payment

The Trust dividend payment for 2020 is $400.

Background Information

Centralines is 100 percent owned by the Central Hawke’s Bay Consumers Power Trust, on behalf of the power consumers of Central Hawke’s Bay.

The elected Trust oversees the operation of Centralines and, as the owner, receives a dividend which it shares out to all the shareholders of the Trust. Simply by having a power account for a property in Central Hawke’s Bay, you are a shareholder.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding Dividend Payments.
Q: Am I entitled to a dividend payment?
A: If you live in Central Hawke’s Bay and have a power account on the qualification date (30 June 2020), you will be entitled to a payment. You can check what areas constitutes Central Hawke’s Bay by viewing the CHB electoral map. http://www.elections.org.nz/voters/find-my-electorate.

Q: Does it matter when I joined Centralines?
A: The CHBCPT sets a ‘qualification date’ that is used to establish eligibility for a dividend payment. It does not matter which time during the year you connected to Centralines’ network, provided that on qualification date your power was ‘on’, and the account was in your name.

Q: What is the qualification date?
A: The CHBCPT choose a single date (qualification date) by which they determine the power account holders eligible for a dividend payment. This method is used because any other method would be too complex to administer, as all data relating to customer eligibility is provided by the electricity retailers.

This year’s qualification date is 30 June 2020. So long as your power was ‘on’ (energised) at this time you are eligible for the dividend payment.

Q: How is the payment amount calculated?
A: The amount is calculated by the Trust from the dividend it receives as majority shareholder of Centralines Limited. A dividend from Centralines’ profits is paid to the Trust by Centralines, and most of this dividend is passed on by the Trust to our beneficiaries. Also, as the population increases in the Trust District, the number of people receiving the dividend also increases, and this must be included in the calculations each year. 
Q: Where do I find My ICP Number?
A: Your ICP Number (‘ICP’) is located on your power bill. The ICP is a 15 alpha/numeric character reference, which includes the letters ‘CH’, that can be found on your power bill. If you cannot find the ICP on your power bill, please contact your electricity retailer.
Q: If I have more than one property or power meter (for example my house, a pump and a woolshed), do I get more than one cheque?
A: All permanent metered supply points (‘ICP’s) connected to Centralines network (and liable for a fixed daily charge at the time of the dividend pay-out) are entitled to a dividend payment. There is no limit on payments for any one named consumer.

Builder’s temporary supplies, and other unmetered connections such as streetlights, telecommunications devices, and under-veranda lighting etc. are not eligible for a dividend payment. 

Q: When will I receive my dividend payment?
A: Direct credit and cheque payments will start on Friday 4 September 2020. Please be patient and contact us if you have still not received your direct credit or cheque payment by the end of September 2020.

Q: How much will it be?
A: The dividend payment is the same for all ICP’s (regardless of whether it is a commercial or a domestic installation) and is $400 after tax. This amount was decided by the CHBCPT

Q: What happens if I don't have a bank account?
A: You will need to discuss this with a local bank.
Q: I can’t bank my cheque because I don't have a bank account, or an account in the same name as the cheque. What do I do?
A: If you do not have a bank account, or if you are part of a group such as flatmates who do not have a bank account in the group’s names, you can return your cheque and have your dividend payment direct credited to your bank account. You may be required to provide some additional documentation.
Q: I have elected to receive a cheque, but my bank no longer accepts cheques. What should I do?
A: Please call the Trust on 0800 990 057 so that we can arrange to have your payment direct credit to your bank account.
Q: Can I change the name on the cheque?
A: No, not unless the cheque is made out to the wrong person. In this case, please call the Trust on 0800 990 057, who will assist you with correcting your details.  If the name on the cheque is yours but it’s not correct, you will need to update your details with your electricity retailer for all future dividend payment.
Q: My dividend was to be direct credited, but the money isn't there yet. What do I do?
A: Please check that the bank account number shown on your payment advice is correct. If this is not correct, we will check to see if your payment has been returned to us.  If it has, you will have to provide us with your correct bank account details, and we will direct credit the payment to the correct bank account. If the bank account number provided is correct, and the funds haven’t been returned to us,  please contact your bank and ask them if the funds are sitting in a UPI (unpaid items) account. This can happen if your bank couldn’t process the payment straight away.
Q: I’m a commercial customer - why is my distribution the same as everyone else?
A: Your Trustees decided that the dividend payment would be the same for every consumer. They determined that the dividend payment would be based on being an account holder, rather than size, spend or consumption.
Q: When I return the cheque and request a direct credit, how long will it take to direct credit?
A: We will action your request as quickly as possible, however it may take up to five working days.

Q: What if I’m on prepay power?
A: Good news. All Central Hawke’s Bay prepay power consumers now also receive a dividend payment, addressed to the person whose name is registered with the electricity retailer at the applicable address.
Q: I’m in a flatting situation, with multiple tenants – who receives the distribution payment?
A: The communication regarding the dividend will be sent to the power account holder, named on the power account. It is up to the person responsible for the power account to decide how the payment is shared in this instance.

Q: I’m in a flatting situation, my landlord pays the power - who receives the dividend?
A: The payment will be issued to the power account holder and it is their responsibility to decide how the payment is shared.

Q: What if I have moved?
A: If you have not placed a redirection order with NZ Post, your dividend communication will be returned to us. If you have moved to another property in our coverage area, we should be able to locate your forwarding address and re-send the dividend communication to your new address.
Alternatively, if you have moved recently and wish to advise us of your new address, please e-mail [email protected].

Further information

If your question is not outlined above, in the first instance, please call our Help Desk on
0800 990 057 (during business hours).

If you have any queries you’d like to raise directly with the Central Hawke’s Bay Consumers Power Trust, click the link below.

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